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“I wanted to thank you for all your help and generosity these past few months–I’ve had results that I would have never thought possible (25 pounds dropped in six months, five top-ten results, including a podium finish), and owe it all to you! I feel like I can now overcome a lifetime of bad eating habits and make long-term changes for the better.” Bill

“Rick’s energy and enthusiasm separate him from the crowd. He sincerely invests himself in the success of those around him and his passion manifests itself in the achievement of his clients.” Blake Boldon

UAB head CC coach, 13:46 5000m PR

I just wanted to commend your coaching program and say how you were able to help me attain all my goals and I also really appreciate your flexibility to change my program on the fly after I had some big career changes. I strongly recommend your coaching  for any type of athlete- from beginner to veteran.
Thanks again Rohit Talwani MD

Dear Rick,
My name is Nick and I’m still at a very beginner triathlete level as I’m preparing to start my 2nd triathlon season. I heard about Tony at a SC triathlon that I had to miss, but I heard of his time and looked him up immediately. I’m also really into at looking at fast times because it usually gives me a good incentive to push a hard run after looking at the times haha. I’d just like to say that all the people following your training are really good triathletes! I’ve recognized the jersey in South Carolina, and Just thought I’d email you that from a perspective of a normal triathlete, the ones who wear the Kattouf jerseys are the ones that make me think they work real hard for there results. Just felt leaded to let you know my opinion and think you do a great job at coaching!
One word to sum up my experience with Team Kattouf: transformative! Brian

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your book and all the hard work you’ve done to get your message out.   I picked your book up a few months ago as we began to embark on a journey of opening up a fitness center.  It wasn’t our original plan as we were relocating, but it soon became obvious that we had an opportunity to seize, and now it is becoming my livelihood. I’m almost through with your book and was looking into become certified as a conditioning trainer specifically in the area of MMA.  I found the MMA Conditioning Association and wasn’t totally sure about it.
I was researching the information and experts listed and happened upon an article that you posted in the Blog section.  Once I saw your name, I knew I could trust the organization and am about to pull the trigger to begin my training and certification.
Again, thank you so much for your dedication.  I have a long way to go and a lot to learn, but I’ve made a decision that not only am I going to be ‘Forever Fit’, but I’m going to help others achieve that, too. BF

“I would like to suggest to all that they consider obtaining Rick’s book “Forever Fit”.  He discussed this book during our Intro Session, but he was a bit too Humble to push it as much as he should have! I believe it is packed full of excellent info not only on fitness, nutrition & weight training but the concepts be discusses in the beginning are powerful!” DB

“Rick talked with me about using liquid fuel (food bottles) on the bike as opposed to solid fuel. I took his suggestion and started fueling with the food bottles at the 2009 Tirreno-Adriatico. For a 110 mile stage, I would consume 4-5 food bottles and would not feel the need to have any solid food…and I would feel great at the finish! I highly recommend the fueling principles Rick has laid out in Rx Nutrition for maximum performance!” George Hincapie, 14x Tour de France, 5x Olympian

“Rick’s coaching has allowed me to implement proper nutrition not only as a competitive athlete but as a mother to help my 3 daughters understand the sound principles of nutrition to help them achieve their goals as well!” Amy Javens, mother of 3 and Triathlete

”Thanks Rick for your nutritional coaching; it has been life changing!” Kristi Arledge, mother of 2, 2009 Jacksonville marathon winner
 “Rick’s coaching has allowed me to train and race at the highest level possible and remain injury free!” Mark Moore, M.D., Triathlete
“Rick’s motivational skills are evident in this work.” Mike Ciletti, M.D., Runner
“Rick’s passion manifests itself in the achievement of his clients.” Blake Boldan, UAB CC head coach, 13:46 5k PR
Load and Reload is an important concept. I’ve thought about it but eating healthy and eating right are two different ways to assist in an athlete’s training. I want to eat right. DJC
“We thought we ate healthy before, until working with Rick. Thanks for all you did for us!” Ashley and John Stamper (Former NFL Defensive End)

“ I can only describe my experience with Rick as ‘life altering’!” Bob Shaker Attorney

After hearing Rick speak , I began my athletic ‘life change’. I purchased his book “Forever Fit” and began to make small changes in my daily eating habits. My GI distress went away, and my time on the bike improved dramatically ! I had been eating healthy, but for sure not eating RIGHT ! Now after attending a lecture series, I’m saying ‘bye-bye’ to body fat ! Paula

The lectures by Rick Kattouf were amazing! I have learned so much about eating the right foods at the right time to lose weight and build muscle. In a short period of time I have dropped 10 lbs! And it seems all I do is eat. All I do is follow the sample menus and plans in his book Forever Fit. All are simple and easy to fit into daily routine. Thanks again for you and your team sponsoring the lecture
series. Hope there are more to come!
Your friend, Randy Cecil

Each session was so informative and inspiring, I felt like I could climb a mountain when I walked out! Love his delivery and message. Wish I could bottle his enthusiasm and passion about nutrition and carry him with me 24/7/365. Love , love, love him!! Ashley

Dear Rick,
First and foremost THANK YOU!
I met Rick after I had cycled ~ 1000 miles over the winter on various trainers. I came to him, allergy laden and sick. Doctors insisted in taking tubes in and out of my body, I was a wreck, but I had big goals.
My 1st goal for 2010 was to ride up Mt. Mitchell in less than 7 hrs. This is a tough ride, 12,000 ft of climbing. In my two prior attempts with significant preparation mileage had resulted in time to climb of 9-½ hrs and little over 8 hrs in 2008 & 2009, respectively. I am not a superstar CAT 1 cyclist with a VO2 Max off the scale, I am a husband, father of three and work full-time plus, but I do have a love for cycling.
I had a goal, I had 7 wks … I hired Rick.
Due to allergic reactions over the winter, I told Rick I had a limited diet, I asked Rick if he could teach me Nutrition — Rick said ‘Can Do!’
I have always carried a low percentage of body fat, almost to a fault. Rick initial assessment was too little fat in my diet. He revised my eating plan, now I eat correctly for an athlete and have carried 5% body fat for months with proper hydration and without supplementation.
Due to a driven to succeed character, I have ridden to oblivion killing off my immune system and one time resulting in very very painful condition called ‘shingles’ at 42 years old. Rick can you help me from myself? — Rick said ‘Can Do!’
Rick set-up a program on Training peaks, stating let’s get your base back and do a build cycle. I rode in low zones per Rick getting the mileage up. Rick then added some hill climbs, then some mountain climbs, then some more. I would finish my workouts telling Rick, I could have done at least two more repeats! He would say, stick to the plan. I rode and rode. One Monday Rick calls (Rick called every Monday to check in), and said ‘How is it going?’ I said. ‘I’m wrecked’. After 6X repeats up Paris Mountain on Sat, Sunday entailed a Furman campus start; up Caesar’s head back & then 2X repeat Paris Mountain. Rick said ‘No problem’ rest day; they light weights Tuesday and back at it Wednesday.
I ran out of gas very late in a long ride, I need aminos — Rick said ‘We will keep you aminos, but we are going to change your pre/during/post race fueling with a food bottle!’
I changed with wavering around 300 cal/hr to a custom made 500+cal/hr giving me the power to move ahead late in the game.
Finally due to all of my typical self-doubt prior to a large event — Rick answered with critical tactical & encouraging advice the week prior and the night prior to Mt Mitchell.
Where as I did not quite meet my goal of 7hr, I was close on loading up the Power tap for ~ 7 hrs & 15 min and it was actually a lot of fun this year. Prior years I would get through the 1st 74 miles to Marion partially or fully wrecked winning the battle, but loosing the war, easily doubling whatever time to Marion to get to the top of Mitchell. This year was a cruise to Marion & then GAME ON! I would round the turn from the last switchback on see all of the riders in front of me and I would say quietly, ‘You are all mine’. Encouragement came from the other riders in the form of ‘You @##&0I$, your making us all look bad’. Next year with less sickness & better late ride concentration on fueling, I’m confident I’ll get that 7 hr goal. John Tourigny