TeamKattouf Founder, Dr. Rick Kattouf II, Receives International Recognition as One of the World Fitness Elite
TeamKattouf’s focus is coaching individuals around the world, helping them to enhance their lives and achieve their goals through proper fitness and nutrition.
Dr. Rick Kattouf II is the high energy founder and CEO of TeamKattouf, Inc., the world’s premier coaching service for multi-sport running, cycling, fitness and nutrition.  As an international fitness and nutrition expert, he has helped thousands around the world take control of their fitness regiment on their own time and in their own space.  He is also the creator of TeamKattouf Nutrition Supplements and the 5-Round Fury Fitness™ Workout App.  In addition to being a medically trained Doctor of Optometry, he has spent more than twenty years researching health, fitness, nutrition, anatomy, physiology and human performance and, as a result, today he operates one of the largest fitness and conditioning coaching businesses in the world.  As a four-time Team USA duathlete, a four-time USAT All-American duathlete, a two-time Inside Triathlon magazine All-American, a three-time age group duathlon national champion, and a former top ranked duathlete in the USA, he leads his clients by example and provides them first class individualized coaching.
Kattouf has been athletic his entire life, but has also excelled academically.  He began his undergraduate education at Oberlin College where he was the quarterback on the school’s football team.  After numerous injuries and concussions, and knowing he wanted to study medicine, he made the decision to transfer to Kent State University where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Zoology.  He then went on to the Illinois College of Optometry where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Visual Science as well as a Doctor of Optometry.  He was also the recipient of the Kenneth P. Martin Award, Alumnus of the Year Award, VSP Award as “Most Likely to Succeed” as voted by the academic and clinical staff of the Illinois College of Optometry, and he was a Founding Member of the Optometric Nutrition Society. Upon becoming a Doctor of Optometry, Kattouf joined his father’s optometry practice in Warren, Ohio and continued there until making the decision to make the fitness industry his full time vocation in 2006.  His coaching business quickly grew nationwide and now is recognized worldwide
Kattouf began as a Personal Trainer while a college student at Kent State University in 1991.  He coached people in fitness and nutrition throughout his educational years and continued to do so while he was a practicing Doctor of Optometry.  He officially formed and incorporated TeamKattouf in 2004 and by 2006 made it his full time vocation.  Kattouf is convinced his education in Optometry helped him bridge the gap from optometry to fitness.  What he learned from his education in anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology has become invaluable to him in his current role.
In addition to his medical training, Kattouf also has expansive training in the fitness industry.  He is certified as an ITCA Triathlon Coach, MMA Conditioning Coach, Food Psychology Coach, Wellness and Nutritional Consultant, Sports Nutrition Consultant, Heart Rate Performance Specialist, and a Sports Nutrition Specialist.
TeamKattouf has two main components.  The first component is Kattouf’s fully customized sport-specific coaching and fitness coaching and the second component is his customized nutrition coaching.  In the coaching aspect of his business, Kattouf takes all the thinking out of the equation for the individual to help them get the biggest return possible.  His enthusiasm for the success of his clients is contagious making the workouts inviting and something to be eagerly anticipated.  Just listening to Kattouf’s gregarious and positive expression in conversation evokes interest and eliminates any negative feeling about exercise or the discipline necessary to achieve a maximum fitness level.  He has a very unique way of making every client feel important and confident.
The second main ingredient to the successful TeamKattouf approach is the highly effective nutrition coaching.
In 2010 Kattouf launched a 3-DVD set called Rx Nutrition: Eating for Improved Performance in Life, Fitness and Sport, followed by the 2011 launch his line of TeamKattouf Nutrition Supplements with ten supplements in the line.  Then, in 2012, he introduced to the fitness market, “5-Round Fury™,” a game changing nutrition supplement.  5-Round Fury is designed in an NSF cGMP registered facility to ensure it is a very clean supplement with no banned substances in the product.  While Kattouf is very pleased with his current supplement products, he does anticipate the development of more nutritional products in the future.
To continue to expand the “5-Round Fury™” concept, Kattouf also developed the 5-Round Fury Fitness™ workout app for the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone.  Amazingly, the app has an estimated 20 Trillion work out combinations and has been downloaded worldwide since its release.  Currently, when someone downloads the 99-cent app, they will receive an automatic coupon for a 40% discount on the 5-Round Fury™ nutrition supplement.
The “TeamKattouf Family” has grown considerably and Kattouf has developed relationships with his clients that make them feel like family.  Kattouf says, “If my clients are competing on any given weekend, whether it’s one client or a hundred clients, I will personally call them on the Friday before the event to wish them luck.  Many times people will respond and let me know that phone call or message meant a lot to them.”  In a recent weekend, Kattouf had clients competing in athletic events in thirteen states and in the Netherlands.  He also makes every effort to congratulate his clients on their performances and stays up to date on their accomplishments.
Through the software he uses with his clients, he is constantly analyzing their workout data, their speed, the distance, the roads they ran on, their body composition data, body weight, body fat, and body water so he is making sure they are moving in the direction they want to move in.  The software enables Dr. Kattouf to have, in essence, a virtual scientific laboratory.  There are specific breakthrough workouts completed by a client that will trigger an analysis by Kattouf and
a review of their data.
Because everyone can benefit from what he has to offer, Kattouf says he considers everyone around him as a potential client.  He further states, “My largest market is probably the triathalete,
but I’ve never placed myself in a single market within the fitness industry.  I’ve got the education, I understand medicine, I understand physiology, I understand anatomy, I understand nutrition, I know how the body works, so I can work with the morbidly obese person and the professional athlete and everyone in between.  Basically, I can work with anyone who has goals and who wants to make their life better.  Whether it’s nutrition, fitness, or sport specific.  That’s a big audience.  That’s what makes my business so exciting.  When you break it all down, the basic principles don’t change for any of the people I work with no matter their level of fitness.”
Kattouf believes his success is directly related to being passionate about what he does and the work ethic that was instilled in him from a very young age.  He says, “My father provided an excellent example of the work ethic I always wanted to emulate.  I acquired the drive to succeed.”  Kattouf is also always upbeat and a positive motivator for his clients.  He further believes the reason his business has obtained world-wide attention and has experienced massive growth is because of the results people obtain when they work with him.  He says, “I have a lot of walking billboards out there.  I had already obtained a good name in the triathlon and duathlon world because I was a long time competitor in those sports.  Having that background, I was fairly well known in that area.  When I published my book it also helped establish me as a recognized expert.  My first clients were in Ohio.  My first out of state client was in High Point, North Carolina, then Denver, Colorado.  It was one person after another who began working with me, getting great results, then they told others about me.  Then I had clients on the West coast, East coast, the North, and the South.  Then, I began getting requests from the UK, Sri Lanka, Africa, Canada, and the Netherlands.  It’s been a wild ride.  Now with social media, the word spreads even faster.  As my name as a brand continued to grow, I began to write for more publications.  I also began a blogtalk radio show.  As the years went on and the social media, the articles, the books, and the DVD’s came into being, that’s what really started to accelerate the growth.”
The overall mission of Team Kattouf is to assist individuals in bridging the gap between where they are and where they want to be, no matter where they may currently be on the fitness spectrum.  Kattouf says, “I went into this business saying I’m going to make a champion out of each person I coach.  That person’s goals are my goals, I want to help them achieve what they want to achieve.  When they start getting great results, they start talking.  They become a champion of their own results.”  Kattouf emphatically states his message to perspective clients, “If you are ready to become the champion you desire, let TeamKattouf help you bridge that gap between where you are and where you want to be so your goals and dreams can become a reality.  No matter how good I am, the individual has to be ready.  If you aren’t ready, it’s not going to work.  But, if you are ready, let’s go!”
Kattouf points out that people don’t have to work out endless hours to be healthy and lean.  He further states, “Most people, when they decide to begin working out, make the mistake of focusing on cardio workouts such as the treadmill or elliptical and don’t place any emphasis on strength training which is really going to change their body.”  Through the TeamKattouf program, he can help his clients develop a more balanced workout that will enable them to accomplish their health and fitness goals in the most efficient manner.   He offers various packages that are customized based on the specific goals of the individuals.  The packages range from four weeks to fifty-two weeks.  Because of the effectiveness of his program, Kattouf has clients that have been with him since he incorporated in 2004.
Kattouf’s work as a coach is done completely online.  He states, “My value as a coach is not being there in person with someone, my value is being there 24/7 for my clients and my online presence enables me to do that.  Virtual coaching is done through online software called Training Peaks.  I can develop a customized workout and nutrition program for each client that they can access at anytime they want it, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  It is always there for them to access.”  Kattouf’s work with his clients is a very personalized approach.  He communicates with his clients through phone, text, e-mail, Skype, and Facetime and spends a great deal of time interacting with them every month.  Every client relationship begins with a complimentary interview to understand the client’s goals and to assess the perspective client’s commitment to the relationship.
Kattouf says, “I have one main competitor, and that’s myself.  I feel I am the industry leader.  I want to be the absolute best.  I see myself out there in the lead and I’m going to hold on to that lead.  I don’t watch what other people do or pay attention to it.  From the feedback I get from individuals, the thing that places me in front is my passion, compassion, empathy, communication, positive energy, and my education.  People constantly tell me they appreciate the fact that I understand who they are and I understand their needs.  That was actually taught to me in my Optometric practice.  My Dad used to call it ‘knee to knee and eye to eye.’  When you are sitting there ‘knee to knee and eye to eye’ with a patient you have to really listen to them.  I have used that same concept in this business. I need to be a very good listener if I’m going to be successful in what I do.”
Kattouf’s wife, Gail, has been a significant contributor to TeamKattouf from a business perspective and represents the business in the many athletic competitions in which she is involved.  She holds a bachelors degree in Nursing as well as a bachelors and masters degree in Exercise Physiology.  She competed in the Duathlon World Championship in Spain in 2011 and is now the reigning Duathlon World Champion.  She will be defending her World Championship position at the next World title event in September 2012 to be held in Nancy, France.  Additionally, she was the recipient of the coveted USAT 2011 Female Duathlete of the Year Award, presented to her at a USAT awards ceremony in Burlington, Vermont.
Kattouf has also worked with a local restaurant in Greenville, South Carolina, Larkin’s on the River, to develop a healthy fare lunch menu which includes a half-dozen menu selections designed specifically by Kattouf.  Another restaurant, Saskatoon, is working with him to develop “TeamKattouf Meals” to be a part of their menu selection.  The restaurant will, upon request, make and package a complete week’s worth of meals for a patron to pick up and keep in their freezer to utilize throughout the week.
For many years Kattouf had a desire to write a book related to health and fitness, but never stopped long enough to put pen to paper.  That changed when he had a cycling accident on Memorial Day of 2004, resulting in a concussion and broken collarbone.  He knew he was going to be, so he made a commitment to begin writing his book.  His book, “Forever Fit – The Easy to Follow, Step by Step Life Plan to Improve Your Body and Mind” was published the following year.
In addition to Forever Fit, Kattouf is also the author of 9 Round Nutrition Guide and Journal – The Science Behind Eating Healthy for Life and is a Best-Selling author and contributor to the recently released Best-Seller, The Secret to Winning Big.  Additionally, he has published numerous training and fitness plans for Training Peaks and has written articles for New OD, the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Athlete, Champion Nutrition, Velo News,,, Go Magazine, Florida Cycling Magazine, and is the moderator for Nutrition Q & A on Training Peaks and a contributing blogger to America’s PremierExperts®Blog.  He is also regularly asked to write articles for the International Triathlon Coaches Association (ITCA) as well as the Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association (MMACA).
Kattouf has been the featured guest on The Health and Wellness Today television program filmed in Orlando, Florida and has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates around the country as well as the Your Carolina television program.  He has also been a special guest on numerous news segments in Ohio, Florida, and South Carolina.  He has been featured on the well-known Atlanta based radio program, Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy, the Bob Harden radio show in Naples, Florida, and has been a live guest on a radio program in Cincinnati.  Kattouf has also participated in numerous book signings at Joseph Best Book Stores, Borders Book Stores, and Barnes and Noble Bookstores throughout the country.
Kattouf has been the keynote speaker for a Hospital Health and Fitness Day in Ohio, Kohl’s Corporate Office Health and Fitness Day, Multi-Sport Running and Cycling Expo, and the USA Triathlon Camp.   He was also one of the Expert Panelist for Inside Triathlon Magazine Science of Speed Seminar traveling to New York City, Austin, Texas, and San Francisco, California as part of a national tour.  He lectures year round at various venues including meetings for corporate benefits coordinators, triathlon clubs, running clubs, cycling clubs, and cross fit gyms.  General Electric in Greenville, SC has also enlisted TeamKattouf to implement a health and fitness program for their corporation.
Because of his contribution to his industry and his outstanding business success, Kattouf is being featured as one of the World Fitness Elite™ Trainers of the Year in USA Today in America and in The Independent in the UK.  Additional information about Kattouf and his worldwide fitness business can be found at and